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How to Sleep Better with Aromatherapy

More than 75% of pupulation polled by the National Sleep Foundation reported having trouble getting a good night's sleep. Prescriptions for sleep aids are easy to get, but some have pretty harsh side effects, including the potential for becoming addicted. If you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, you may not realize you can address those problems and sleep better with aromatherapy and other natural treatments.

There are certain scents established as helpful for inducing relaxation and sleep. There are numerous way to distribute these scents throughout your environment to enhance their therapeutic value.

Acquire essential oils such as lavender, which relaxes sage, and ylang-ylang, which help induce sleep. You can add six to eight drops of your choice of scented oil to two ounces of a general unscented massage oil, warm the mixture slightly and rub it into the areas of your body where you're feeling tense, such as your head or neck.

Buy scented sprays and use in your room right before going to bed. You can also spray the scent on your sheets, pillow cases and pajamas. In addition, consider buying an aromatherapy pillow which is made of soft fabric and filled with organic flax seed pre-soaked in essential oils.

Purchase scented candles and burn them for an hour or so before bedtime as you listen to music, read or cuddle with the pets or kids. The scent will move around the room and the flame will help provide a relaxing ambience. Be sure to put candles out before climbing into bed!

Drink herbal teas that are flavored with chamomile, valerian and ginger. All have scents recommended for people having problems falling asleep. Be sure to drink your tea hot and finish your cup at least an hour before bedtime so you won't have any bathroom issues during the night to interrupt your sleep.

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