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How to Treat a Hangover With Aromatherapy

A hangover is the name for the unpleasant feeling you have after a large consumption of alcohol the night before. The symptoms include headache, nausea, possible vomiting and exhaustion. While there are numerous household remedies for a hangover, you can also treat a hangover with aromatherapy.

Purchase aromatherapy oils that match your symptoms. The smell of peppermint calms the stomach; the scent of lavender relieves pain and improves balance; and the smell of lemon eases tension. You might want to do this in advance so you have them on-hand when you have a hangover. You should be able to buy aromatherapy oils at any local health food store.

Run a tub for a bath. This is a great way to relax and experience aromatherapy. FIll the tub with warm or hot water.

Take two drops of oil and place them in the tub. While it is common for you to have multiple symptoms during a hangover, you might not enjoy mixing scents. Experiment to find the smell you enjoy.

Breath deeply. It is important while you are relaxing in the tub that you inhale the aromas. Take long, slow breaths and enjoy the smell. Make sure you don't relax so much that you fall asleep in the tub.

Dab the essential oils onto your skin, if you desire as well. It is harder to inhale the smell as well this way, but is a good way to use aromatherapy if you do not want to take a bath. Dab the oils on what are called the pressure points areas, including the forehead, behind the ears and even your wrists.

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