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How to Work Better With Aromatherapy

You're stressed, exhausted, in need of a mood lift or a second wind. In other words, you're at work. Instead of hitting the snack machine or the coffeepot, or popping antacids or analgesics, try harnessing the healing properties of essential oils in the office. Follow these simple steps to work better with aromatherapy.

Understand how aromatherapy works. This isn't your average air freshener. Aromatherapy uses the concentrated power of natural essential oils. Inhaled briefly or diffused into the air, certain scents produce specific effects that will help you beat office stress and work better. Choose your scents based on your particular needs.

Breathe in for efficiency. Choose sharp, invigorating scents like, cedar wood and grapefruit to kickstart your day with improved focus and energy. Citrus oils like grapefruit, orange and bergamot inspire creative thinking and lift your mood. These same scents will give you a second wind in the late-afternoon lull.

Fight workplace stress with aromatherapy. Whether it's a looming deadline or a taskmaster boss, get relief by inhaling the calming scents of lavender or cedarwood.

Let your nose lead you to success. When you're preparing for a key presentation or sales call (or making your case for that well-deserved raise or promotion), use eucalyptus or pine to stir up your self-assurance and confidence. If it's too late for a mere shot of courage, go for a whiff of lemongrass, reputed to allay panic.

Counteract "sick office syndrome." Spending all day in an airless cubicle surrounded by humming electrical equipment, glaring computer screens and off-gases from industrial carpeting can make any workday miserable. Rosemary is a standard aromatherapeutic remedy for headaches, eyestrain and the general afternoon blahs.

Experiment with the full range of possibilities. Visit an aromatherapy practitioner or purveyor of essential oils to check out the many other scents that can make your work day better. Many practitioners will blend scents especially suited to your own body chemistry.

Use aromatherapy responsibly in the office. Many workplaces have regulations prohibiting the excessive use of fragrances in order to protect people with allergies and sensitivities. Fortunately, you can purchase personal aromatherapy inhalers that keep the scent within your own range. Companies like Earth Solutions even offer aromatherapy jewelry, with oils contained in lockets or pendants.

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