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Impact on the body

Essential boils destroy fungi, viruses and bacteria. They provide anti-inflammatory, regenerative and immunologic assistance to the body. They have stimulating (depending on the oil type) diuretic, expectorating, spasmolytic, soothing, rejuvenating, cleansing effect. They decrease blood pressure as well.

These and other therapeutic effects are enhanced through the ability of low molecular components of oils to penetrate all tissues of the body as well as air-ways, skin and the digestive tract. The fragrances of the essential oils activate a special (limbic) system of the man’s brain, which is responsible for our emotions. This makes for secretion of biologically active substances and neuro-peptides of satisfaction, endorphins, encephalins, serotonin, which decrease anxiety and calls forth the sense of welfare and inner peace. They also activate the brain systems, which prevent the emergence of pain. The pleasant fragrance restores equanimity in an easy and simple way and has beneficial effect on man’s sleep and work capacity. Thus, essential oils bring harmony into man’s psychological and physiological spheres.

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