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Impact on conscience

The essential oils influence the nervous system through smell and, depending on the physiological state and psycho-emotional state of the person, they soothe the person, excite him/her, relax, remove pain, fears, improve spirits and control the emotional sphere.

The beneficial effect of the sprayed oils on the spirits of the person start with stimulation of the central nervous system, associative thinking, restoring memory, equanimity. All the oils regulate emotions and the entire psycho-physiological state, to a certain extent. In every specific case different oils are chosen, either relaxants (which promote relaxation), or stimulators, depending on the state and personality of the person. These substances act at a deep level: they restore self-regulatory processes of the body, serve for the functional renewal of the damaged system, and eliminate the reason for the disease, not the symptom.

The therapeutic action of the essential oils exceeds the effect of original herbs 50 to 100 times. The most successful is application of aromatherapy for prevention and as complementary to traditional healing. Clinical research has shown good results in treating many diseases, especially the ones that resist ordinary treatment. Any creative work requires time. Therefore, a stable effect is achieved through systematic application of aromatherapy.

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