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Anti- Wrinkle Peel Off Argireline

The Anti- wrinkle Peel off mask is special formulation developed in our Laboratories to fit the exact shape of the face, sealing in moisture and boosting the penetration of the actives.

The specific benefits of this Argireline mask are derived from the unique combination of its ingredients intended for mature skin.

Nature of the Product

This mask is a marine complex based on alginates wich are extracted from Laminaria , and provide its natural smooth texture .The mask quickly turns into a gel a gel when mixed with water.


Argireline , a hexapeptide composed of natural aminoacids, reduces the depth of wrikles and lines caused by  the contraction of muscles of facial expresion.

Due tiits myorelaxing properties , it reduces wrinkles.


For a face treatement , mix 30 g of powder and 90 g of water at room temperature (20-25).

Mix vigorously +- minute until you obtain a smooth and homogenous texture.

Apply the treament immediately in a semi-thick layer on a cleansed skin ( avoid the eye eyebrows.)

The mask will dry within 6 minutes .

Leave the mask for at least 10 mintes , it then peels off easily without any trace, revealing a subtle fragrance of fresh fig.

Weight: 25 g
Price: 45lei

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