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Bora Bora Scrub

This Marine Scrub gently elimintes deads cellls that accumulate on the skin's surface.100 % natural , it has been specificallly formulated in our Labaratories to suit the most sensitive skin.

Laminaria is a brown algae wtih high contents of alginates wich stimulate the function of beauty treatements and soften the skin. Its trace elements naturally nourish the skin, bringing strenght and vitality.

lithothamnium has remineralising and stimulatig preperties .Its absorbent action promotes the elimination of toxinns during the treatement.

The whole complex has good antioxidant properties to help give the skin a lasting tone.


Mix 100 g of powder and 500 g of warm water 35-40 until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous texture.

Aplly the treatement in a semi-thick layer on a cleansed skin.

Wrap the person being treated in warmng blankets for 30 minutes or put under an infrared lamp for about 20 minutes.

At the end of the treatment , wipe off the bodywrap with a humid glove and or give the person a hot shower.



Weight: 0 g
Price: 35lei

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