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Exfoliating Mediterranean Gel Mask

The Exfoliating Mediterranean Gel mask has especially been formulated to softly exfoliate the skin.

Add water to powder to obtain a spectacular Exfoliating Mediterranean Gel mask wich looks like frosty balm with a light texture.

Its application is a pleasant, easy and suitable for every skin type.


Apricot Kernel oil provides essential elements to delay premature skin ageing.its high vitamin A and B contents confer nourishing , hydrating , regenerating and retavilising properties.It is also has skin complexion improving and skin radiance restoring properties.

Blue poppy seeds eliminate dead cells with a massage.

Ylang fragrance adds nice well- being and relaxing touch .

The skin is regenerated and looks fresh and bright again.


The Exfoliating Mediterranean Gel mack can be used either with tepid 30-35 or room temperatue 20-25 water, depending on toning the treatement has to be.

Mix 15 of powder and 30 g of water to obtain a smooth and homogeneous texture.

Aplly the treatement in a semi-thick layer on cleansed skin ( avoid the eye contour and eyebrows).

Leave on for 5 minutes.

Humidify your hands and delicates massage the skin in a circular movements.After the treatement , wipe off with a humid glove.


Weight: 30 g
Price: 45lei

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