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Rejuvenating Peel off masck with Spirulina & Algovert®

Rejuvenating peel off  Mask derives its special properties from the unique combination of its ingredients which rejuvenate the skin. Their strong antioxidant properties reduce the damage caused by external attacks such as adverse weather, pollution and the effects of time, thereby helping preserve the skin's health. 

This is a marine complex based on alginates which are extracted from Laminaria, with Algovert® and Spirulina which have synergistic properties.

Apply the mask in the bathroom in order to clean mess more easily. Pour 25 gr of powder into a large bowl and mixed with 75 gr of water at 18 degree.

Using clean hands, pat it onto the face, make sure to create a nice think layer to make the peel off process easier. 

Weight: 0 g
Price: 45lei

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