Facial Skin Care

  • Facial cleansing scrub

    Cleansing and purifying
    90,00 L
  • Argan oil - organic, virgin

    Eco Cert
    60,00 L
  • Makeup remover oil for oily and combined skin

    For oily and combined skin
    80,00 L
  • Makeup remover oil for dry and combination skin types

    For dry and combination skin types
    80,00 L
  • Anti-wrinkle oil

    The care of the delicate skin around eyes
    80,00 L
  • Clary Sage hydrosol

    Reduces wrinkles and gives the skin a youthful appearance
    50,00 L
  • Face cream for the skin around the eyes

    100,00 L
  • Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

    ANTI-Wrinkle face cream
    100,00 L
  • Anti Acne Face Cream

    Treatment cream
    100,00 L
  • Natural face cream with shea butter

    For dry or damaged skin
    90,00 L
  • The Anti- Acne Peel off Mask

    The Anti- Acne Peel off Mask
    40,00 L
  • Lavender ORGANIC Floral Water

    Help to refine open pores
    85,00 L