The Anti- Acne Peel off Mask
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The Anti- Acne Peel off Mask

Muguri de Frasin

Product Description

The Anti- Acne Peel-off Mask is a special formulation developed in our Laboratories to fit the exact shape of the face, sealing in moisture and boosting the penetration of the actives.

The precise action of this Ash Cryobud mask is dued to the unique combination of it's ingredients, which are intended for oily skin.

Nature of the Product

This mask is a marine complex based on alginates which are extracted from Laminaria , and provide its natural smooth texture. Setalg combines them with Ash Cryobud which have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. The mask quickly turns into a gel from when mixed water.


The anti-acne mask helps oily skin regain its balance thanks to its unique ingredients such as saponosides and flavonoides contained in Ash Cryobuds.

Way of use: 


For a face treatement, mix 30 g og powder and 90 g water at room temperature 20 -25 celsius.

Mix vigorously +- 1minute until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous texture.

Apply the treatment immediately in a semi-thick layer on a cleansed skin ( avoid the eye contour and eyebrows.)

The mask will dry within 6 minutes

Leave the mask in place for at least 10 minutes, it then peels off easily without any trace.