Melissa officinalis
45,00 L
Probably the most rare herbal essential oil is that distilled from the common lemon balm. Almost all so-called Melissa oil on the commercial market is a mixture of lemongrass and citronella. Melissa is also recommended for treatment of both nausea and indigestion, especially when they are caused by nervous tension. Some authorities say that it slows the heart beat, relieving palpitations and helps lower blood pressure. Blended with geranium, it may help ease painful periods. Many sources recommend using melissa to treat both acne, and allergic skin problems, but due to the irritating nature of the essential oil, I recommend the hydrosol for skincare purposes. Emotionally, melissa is a delight. It is a mild sedative in small doses, and believed to calm anxiety. Both calming and uplifting, melissa essential oil is said to be extremely useful in cases of emotional shock, grief, fear and anger. It is said to bring acceptance and understanding.