Rice powder is used for its absorbing and matting properties
40,00 L

The Eye Contour Peel Of Mask is a special formulation developed in our Laboratories to fit the exact shape of the eye countour , sealing in a moisture and boosting the penetration of the actives.The precise action of this mask is dued to the unique combination of it's ingredients,n especially rice powder and apricot seeds.

The eye contour Peel off mask stimulates cell regeneration by providing vitamins are essential for the skin , like vitamin E.

Rice powder is used for its absorbing and matting properties , wich highlight the gentleness of the treatment.

Apricot seeds are very rich in vitamin E, wich helps the skin fight aging and improve microcirculation.

Thank's to it's composition , its properties are extremly beneficial for the skin, especialy in anti-ring or anti-wrinkle treatments.

Way of use: 

For a face treatment , mix 10 gr of powder and 30 g of water at room temperature (20-25 CELLSIUS)

Mix vigorously (+- 1 minute until you obtain a smooth and hommogenous texture.

Apply the treatement immediateoly in a semi-thick layer around the eye.

The mask will dry within 6 minutes.

Leave the mask in place for at least 10 minutes, it then peels off easily without any trace.