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Peel-off masks are skincare products that have been included in professional facial treatments routines for many years. These powder based products are made of alginate and require a mixing step with water before application on the skin. A natural alginate complexation reaction occurs, turning the powder into a modeling mask. Peel-off masks perfectly fits facial or body contours and pushes hydration and active ingredients deep into the skin. Once dried, this second skin can be removed in one piece leaving the skin soft and radiant
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This little red fruit comes from South America and is considered as Amazonian people's treasure. Indeed, Acerola profits from a strong antioxidant reputation, linked to its high vitamin C content, which is 20 to 30 times higher than in oranges [1]. Vitamin C has a key role in the collagen biosynthesis. It is therefore perfectly appropriate for a skin detoxification from free radicals, and to even out the complexion.